Strategic Partnerships

Meet some of our partners who help us support First Nations in developing good governance and finance practices.

AFOA Canada Logo

AFOA Canada

AFOA Canada (formerly the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada) is a not-for-profit body. Founded in 1999, it helps First Nations better manage their finances to benefit their communities.


First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA)

FNFA is non-profit body that enables First Nations to work together to borrow money for needed projects at better rates of interest. It also helps First Nations invest to grow their economies.


First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC)

FNTC helps First Nations create and manage their own local revenues systems in a fair and efficient way, in order to benefit their communities and taxpayers. It also looks at the bigger picture to help First Nations prosper as part of their local economies.


First Nations Infrastructure Institute (FNII)

FNII supports First Nations in owning and maintaining cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure assets.

Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics Logo

Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics

The Tulo Centre is a Canadian charity. It assists First Nations in improving their economies through education and research.


The First Nations Lands Advisory Board (LAB)

The LAB assists First Nations in better managing their reserve lands and resources. The First Nations Land Management Resource Centre (LABRC) takes care of the LAB’s technical and administration duties.

Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Logo

Assembly of First Nations (AFN)

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) supports First Nation citizens in Canada. It works on behalf of First Nations as directed by Chiefs-in-Assembly, including:

  • finding ways for people across Canada to discuss First Nations issues
  • give First Nations more of a voice locally and across Canada
  • working on legal issues and policies
  • making it easier for First Nations to discuss important matters with the Crown, public and private organizations, and people across Canada.