The RoadMap Project

Welcome to the RoadMap Project

The RoadMap Project is a practical and implementable pathway to Indigenous economic reconciliation, consistent with the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Informed by discussions with First Nations across Canada, RoadMap offers realistic and impactful options to empower First Nations governments in moving past the failed one-size-fits-all approach of the colonial system.

RoadMap is about creating new, optional paths for First Nations as they move from managing poverty to generating wealth. It's an Indigenous-led plan for achieving economic prosperity and self-determination for First Nations, while reducing risk for Canada.

The First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA) institutions are the driving force behind this project. The FMA institutions have a proven track record of supporting First Nations as they grow their economies and enhance their financial and administrative governance.

The RoadMap Project will empower:

  • Informed policy decisions supported by statistics and data
  • Better infrastructure through institutional support and improved access to capital
  • Economic reconciliation through strong Indigenous economies
  • Greater self-sufficiency through options to expand First Nations jurisdiction and fiscal powers
  • Economies of scale and improved service delivery through First Nations working together
  • Strengthened governance through capacity development and support from Indigenous Institutions

The benefits of RoadMap include:

  • Practical pathways supporting First Nations self-sufficiency and economic growth
  • Optionality that respects the rights of each First Nation
  • Flexibility in pursuing these paths incrementally and at any pace
  • Improved fiscal capacity to govern, while managing risk and increasing transparency and accountability
  • Indigenous solutions that build on the earned trust and success of the FMA institutions
  • Clarity among all levels of government on service responsibility and delivery

Over the coming months, The FMB will:

  • Continue to actively engage First Nations governments, organizations, and thought leaders in advancing RoadMap
  • Ask the federal government to support RoadMap and its proposed expansion of the roles and responsibilities of FMA institutions
  • Propose the legislative and policy changes and resource allocations required to implement RoadMap

The RoadMap Chapters:

RoadMap Animation Video

Join us on the RoadMap journey.

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