Benefits for Community

Access affordable long-term capital

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Some of our First Nations clients want to be able to get a loan through the First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA) at lower cost than loans from other finance institutions. This helps to pay for more projects in your community because the savings from the cheaper loan can be put back into the community. Loans can also support the growth in your First Nation’s economy for generations into the future.

Clear and transparent decision-making

A set of good governance and finance practices agreed by Council means that you can have more confidence in your First Nation to make good decisions. Council also commits to keeping members up-to-date with what’s being decided. By contrast, decisions made by individuals can cause conflicts and delays, which can make your First Nation less stable.

Have pride in your First Nation

New racetrack at Osoyoos Indian Band

A Nation that runs smoothly and has a good reputation is a better place live. When your First Nation’s Chief and Council and staff members are all working from the same set of rules, decisions are better informed. Things also often get done faster. This can improve services and daily life for current and future members.

Address the things that matter most

When less time is spent on making decisions, because of the good governance and finance practices in place, more time can be spent on meeting your community's needs. It makes planning for the future easier. And, when your First Nation has a plan, it can focus on improving services, instead of having to spend a lot of time reacting to situations.