Lil’wat Nation

Improving confidence in the Nation

Lil'wat First Nation

With access to many economic opportunities, Lil’wat Nation’s leaders saw the Financial Management System (FMS) Certificate as a way to prove they are being financially responsible.

The challenge

Lil’wat Nation’s close proximity to Whistler, British Columbia, along with the majestic coastal rainforest on its traditional territory, provides the community with many resource- and tourism-based economic opportunities.

Their challenge was to ensure they made the most of these opportunities, and to be able to prove to their community, potential partners, and others that investment in the Nation isn’t a high-risk venture.

The action

The Nation’s leadership team saw FMS Certification as a way to take advantage of the opportunities available to them to create a sustainable economy for members. Lil’wat Nation also wanted to improve vital infrastructure in its rural community.

Lil'wat Nation received FMS Certificate

Achieving the FMS Certification shows the strength of our financial systems and our governance. It recognizes all of the hard work Lil’wat Nation’s senior leadership team has done to ensure that Lil’wat Nation is seen as a financially responsible First Nation. — Chief Dean Nelson

The outcome

One of the most important benefits of FMS Certification is that it holds government and administration accountable to the community. And the improved access to capital that FMS Certification creates allows Lil’wat Nation to address its infrastructure issues and plan for the future.

Obtaining FMS Certification allows us the time and space to look at other needs to achieve self- determination and self-governance. — Ernest Armann, Chief Administrative Officer.