Certify First Nations

The FMB's Certifications give your members and other stakeholders confidence that the Nation is well-run, transparent and accountable. 

Our Certifications are based on international finance and governance standards and adapted to meet the needs of First Nations. Other certifications like ISO are not specific to First Nations.

First Nations who choose to work with the FMB start first with setting out the broad areas of good governance and finance practices in a law, which is called the Financial Administration Law (FAL). This law will need to get the FMB's approval to show that your Nation's FAL meets all of the key areas of good governance and finance.

Once a First Nation has a FAL that is approved by the FMB, you can start to bring it to life by putting in place policies and procedures or 'doing everything that you say you will do in your FAL'. Your Nation can then ask the FMB for a Financial Management System Certificate.

First Nations who have a FAL approved by the FMB can also ask for a Financial Performance Certificate. This gives your First Nation an idea of how well you are managing the Nation's money and property. It is a 'snapshot in time' based on the information in your First Nation's last few years of audited financial statements.

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Understanding FMB Certification

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