Benefits for Staff

Save money on interest

staff presentation meeting

One benefit of working with the First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) is your First Nation being able to apply for a loan through the First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA). This can help pay for projects on the same terms as other governments in Canada, which can save your First Nation money. This can free up money for other services and projects.

Make it easier to do your job

Good governance and finance practices means you don’t need to worry about working with decisions made by individuals. Everything is set down in writing and approved by all Council. This not only reduces conflicts, but can also make it easier for you to tell new Councillors about how things work.

Do more for your First Nation

Staff at work

Working with the FMB lets you do more for your First Nation. You can help it achieve its long-term goals for the community by making well-informed decisions based on a set of rules. We can support you to come up with solutions, instead of just reacting to problems.

Make better decisions

If you work with the FMB to bring your Finance Administration Law (FAL) to life, you can pick up new skills and knowledge to help you make better decision. You can look forward to playing a more active role in your First Nation’s future, and have more confidence in your response to challenges.

Always have a clear picture

Good governance and finance practices create a roadmap for where your First Nation is going. When everyone is following the same map, you can get there quicker. We provide online tools to help you find important documents and track progress - from developing your FAL to getting certified.