Competency Matrix Example Definitions

  1. Corporate Governance Principles and Practices: The set of processes, customs, policies, and laws affecting the way a corporation is directed or controlled:

    • Directorship Experience:

      • Public Sector Board Level – includes any elected or appointed position to a government organization.
      • Private Sector Board Level – includes any non-government board position.
      • First Nation Government – includes experience as a First Nation Council member.
    • Human Resources:

      • Performance management – includes experience developing or applying a performance management policy for a corporation or government institution.
      • Executive Compensation- experience setting executive compensation for CEO and/or senior management.
      • Training development plan- implemented or developed training plans for board and management.
      • Succession plans – experience developing or applying succession plans for senior management.
  2. Public Sector/Industry Experience: Federal, Provincial, Municipal or First Nation experience:

    • Public Policy

      • Statutory Instruments – Experience pertaining to interpretation of or drafting of statutory instruments.
      • Policy development – Political and/or bureaucratic experience with the policy development process for federal, provincial, or municipal government.
      • Community engagement- worked with stakeholders/constituents through policy papers, workshops, etc.
    • Law

      • Aboriginal Law – experience pertaining to aboriginal legal issues as a policy analyst or legal counsel.
      • Corporate – experience in interpreting and applying laws, rules, guidelines and procedures with respect to shareholders, directors, employees, and creditors.
      • Financing – experience in the field of public or corporate financing.
    • Government

      • Federal – worked with or in the federal government system.
      • Provincial – worked with or in the provincial government system.
      • Municipal – worked with or in the municipal government system.
    • First Nation Experience

      • Administration (senior management) – (CEO,COO, CFO) or equivalent of a First Nation, First Nation institution or other practical experience pertaining to First Nation administration.
      • Economic development – worked with First Nations on the implementation of an economic development project.
      • Local Government negotiation/relationships – worked on negotiating and/or managing local government service agreements/relationships.
      • Taxation – worked with the implementation or management of a First Nation taxation regime.
      • Lands Management – experience pertaining to First Nation’s Lands management (i.e. dealing with the First Nations Lands Management Act.
  3. Financial Expertise: An understanding of Accounting Standards and financial reporting with knowledge in current financial management issues:

    • Financial Management

      • Financial Reporting – experience pertaining to preparation or reviewing GAAP/PSAB financial reporting.
      • Risk Management – experience on dealing with the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks of an organization.
      • Internal control development – experience in dealing with an organizations internal control environment (i.e. development of internal policy and procedures)
      • Financial statement preparation – experience in the preparation or review of financial statements.
      • Performance Measurement – experience in creating, reviewing, evaluating or monitoring performance measures of an organization. Includes experience in auditing /attestation.
    • Corporate and Public Financing

      • Securitization – transactional experience pertaining to financing through the capital markets.
      • Lending – experience pertaining to financial institutional loans or credit analysis.
      • Capital investment – experience in project finance.
  4. Business Acumen: An understanding of the financial accounting, marketing and operational functions of an organization with the ability to make good judgment and quick decisions.

    • Business Experience

      • Business Case Analysis – experience in writing submissions or decisions that pertain to business case analysis.
      • Entrepreneurial Experience – business owner or manager.
      • Marketing – development or implementation of a marketing/communication strategy.
      • Strategic Planning – experience pertaining to an organization’s process for defining and implementing corporate strategy.
      • Technology – knowledge or experience in current information technology including systems architecture and software applications.