Client Testimonials

A Financial Administration Law is a valuable tool for any First Nation looking to set a solid foundation based on good financial and governance practices. The Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Financial Administration Law, 2017 supports the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag First Nation along its journey to becoming a self-sustaining and financially stable First Nation.

With our law being enforced in April 2017, Gesgapegiag has already witnessed the positive change. The law created the legal framework that Gesgapegiag needed and we will continue to build up, one brick at a time.

- Frederic Vicaire, Director General, Micmacs of Gesgapegiag

Skowkale First Nation chose to become one of the top financially functioning First Nations in Canada to enhance our credibility, transparency and the standards at which we hold our members’ finances – while also implementing the community driven Comprehensive Community Plan.

We were able to do this by adopting a Financial Administration Law and undergoing the FP certification that then enabled us to become a borrowing member with the First Nations Finance Authority and begin building our community and meeting our membership’s goals. This has provided us with the uppermost trusted ability of being accountable to our members on all levels, which is what our leaders and administrators strive to do.

- Stacy McNeil, General Manager, Skowkale First Nation

Skin Tyee Nation found that developing a financial administration law and obtaining our financial performance certificate was very streamlined. Working with Shayla Point and her team was very pleasant.

They were very helpful and accommodating of our time and timeline. All the staff at FMB were professional and took any guess work out of the procedure making it an uncomplicated process. I can’t think of anything that would improve the method.

- Adele Gooding, General Manager, Skin Tyee Nation

The Financial Administration Law (FAL) is an important element of our commitment to self-governance. It ensures transparency and accountability to our citizens and cements the values and principles of our Chi-Naaknigewin (Constitution).

Our financial strength is recognized through our Financial Performance Certification and Financial Systems Certification, which enabled us to move ahead on our renewable energy projects with confidence. It also allowed us to borrow on much more affordable rates and better terms.

- Dwayne Nashkawa, MPA CEO, Nipissing First Nation