Fisher River Cree Nation Received FMS - Video Transcript

Working with the Financial Management Board, the opportunities are endless.

Just in terms of, you know, what could potentially happen for the Fisher River Cree Nation.

In terms of our employment, our economic growth, for the community, it just opens the door even more to to more opportunities for the Fisher River Cree Nation people.

The Financial Management System Certification provides third party evidence to all stakeholders that the Fisher River First Nation has met the standards that allows them to function in today's world as other orders of government.

That demonstrates that Fisher River has met international standards around financial management governance and some HR and governance matters.

It provides the confidence to stakeholders and other orders of government the Fisher River can engage with them on the same basis that they would engage with other orders of government or the private sector.

Becoming financially certified community, it allowed us to fast-track our school project which is something that was really needed because of the overcrowded situation with our current school.

Well, I believe Fisher River has demonstrated that you do not have to be an urban band, and don't have to be a large band to be able to achieve these goals and objectives.

What they've proven is that their will to do so has brought them to success.

What that means is that every First Nation in Manitoba can find itself in that same position.