10-Year Grant

It is believed that the 10-Year Grant funding will support First Nations to build stronger communities over the long term as it will allow them to plan over several years. Learn what a 10-Year Grant means for First Nations across Canada, and how the FMB supports First Nations that want to apply.

What is the 10-Year Grant for First Nations?

The 10-Year Grant is a funding mechanism that provides more flexibility and predictability in how a First Nation government uses its funding to address the Nation's needs and priorities. Most programs which provide core funding are covered under the grant.

The 10-Year Grant allows First Nations to do the following:

  • Better manage finances over a longer period to meet changing community needs
  • Keep unspent funds (no claw-backs of surplus funds at year end)
  • Reduce the amount of reporting and resources needed to manage your finances
  • Permit easy transition to the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA)

Funding escalator announced in Budget 2021

Canada’s Budget 2021 confirmed funding for a new annual 10-Year Grant escalator starting in 2021-22. Escalation will be based on inflation and the population of each community, but a minimum of 2 percent annual growth will be provided to ensure that First Nations within the grant receive stable and predictable funding.

How is the FMB involved?

Indigenous Services Canada and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) co-developed the 10-Year Grant. This was a recommendation in the report “A New Approach: Co-development of a New Fiscal Relationship Between Canada and First Nations”.

The FMB’s governance and finance practices were selected by Indigenous Services Canada and the Assembly of First Nations as the framework that should be used in the 10-Year Grant.

As part of a Memorandum of Understanding dated November 6, 2018 between the FMB, the Minister of Indigenous Services, and the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, the FMB’s accepted the role of evaluating whether a First Nation government that expresses interest in a 10-Year Grant meets the eligibility criteria.

The FMB uses its 10-Year Grant Eligibility Policies and Guidelines to do this work. The final decision on whether a grant is offered to a First Nation government remains with Indigenous Services Canada.

How the FMB supports First Nations

  • Provide advice and support, as well as access to FMB-developed tools, during the 10-Year Grant funding application process
  • Support the development of Financial Administration Laws (FAL) or Financial Administration By-laws (FAB)
  • Confirm that a FAL or FAB meets the FMB's standards and the grant eligibility criteria
  • Analyze the financial performance of First Nations and confirm whether grant eligibility criteria is met
  • Prepare and issue compliance opinion reports on grant eligibility to Indigenous Services Canada
  • Provide access to FMB-developed tools and templates to assist First Nations in bringing their FAL or FAB to life
  • Provide Capacity Development services to First Nations scheduled to the First Nations Fiscal Management Act to support bringing the FAL to life and continued grant eligibility (First Nation governments who choose to remain under section 83 of the Indian Act are currently not able to access FMB capacity development funding, but this may change in the future depending on additional resources made available to the FMB)
  • Conduct procedures to determine the extent to which minimum provisions of a FAL or FAB have been implemented
  • All FMB services are provided at no cost to the First Nation

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