How to Apply

To apply for a 10-Year Grant, an interested First Nation must:

  1. Provide a written “Expression of Interest” to your regional Indigenous Services Canada representative
  2. Work with the FMB to enact a Financial Administration Law (FAL) or By-law (FAB) under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act or Indian Act
    • The FMB will confirm that that the FAL or FAB is consistent with FMB standards and 10-Year Grant eligibility criteria
  3. Provide audited financial statements for the past five years to the FMB at:

The FMB will provide reports to Indigenous Services Canada confirming that the First Nation has met the Financial Administration Law and Financial Performance eligibility criteria for the 10-Year Grant. Indigenous Services Canada makes all final decisions on grant eligibility and whether to offer a grant.

Read more about the Pathway to 10-Year Grant Funding here.

To ensure all First Nations have a chance to access 10-Year Grants over time, Indigenous Services Canada will issue annual calls for expressions of interest in the 10-Year Grants. First Nations who expressed interest in a previous year but did not complete the steps for qualifying, or who qualified but did not opt into the grant, must express interest again in order to be considered for next year. If the First Nation met the eligibility criteria, but did not opt in, the FMB will work with the First Nation to re-confirm eligibility to Indigenous Services Canada for the next year.

Get in touch with the FMB

If you have any questions or need support with developing a FAL or a FAB, please contact us at 1-877-925-6665 or

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