Financial Performance Ratios

  1. Fiscal Growth Rate (FGR):

    Measures the trend in revenues and expenses over 5-year period.

    Fiscal Growth Rate (FGR)
  2. Liquidity Test Rate (LTR):

    Measures the ability to meet short-term fiscal obligations, such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and cash in the bank.

    Liquidity Test Rate (LTR)
  3. Core Surplus Rate (CSR):

    Measures the ability to generate and maintain enough cash to maintain operations.

    Core Surplus Rate (CSR)
  4. Asset Maintenance Ratio (AMR):

    Assesses if the First Nation is investing enough to replace/repair/maintain current asset and add new assets.

    Asset Maintenance Ratio (AMR)
  5. Net Debt Ratio (NDR):

    Measures the First Nation’s net debt against annual revenue.

    Net Debt Ratio (NDR)
  6. Budget Performance Rate (BPR):

    Measures the ability to budget accurately.

    Budget Performance Rate (BPR)
  7. Tax Collection Rate (TCR):

    Measures how efficient your First Nation is at collecting local revenues .

    Tax Collection Rate (TCR)