Success Story - Nipissing First Nation - Video Transcript

Canada is a land of growing opportunity, and First Nations coast to coast are at the forefront of this opportunity.

The First Nations Fiscal Management Act allows First Nations to leverage their existing revenue streams to access long term affordable financing for social and economic development.

FMB certification provided Nipissing First Nation with the opportunity to invest in their present and their future by allowing them to secure financing through the First Nations Finance Authority to incorporate solar panels into their energy system, and created a daycare centre.

FMS Certification means to Nipissing that we now have a consistent solid financial system in place that allows us to be accountable with our financial dealings for our community, and also outside agencies whether we deal with investing, some of our community money or dealing with government agencies.

It assures them that we are financially sound First Nation.

Nipissing always had good procedures in place.

What the Financial Administration Law did was strengthen our policies procedures and accountability mechanisms.

So on a day to day basis, we are able to better understand and monitor our financial activities.

Nipissing was able to refinance a small business centre/daycare a Duchesnay fire hall by splitting our mortgage basically in half.

And that allowed Nipissing to be able to use funds elsewhere. We're passionate about helping First Nations invest in their communities through capacity development and certification.

With the work we've done with with FMB to develop our Financial Administration Law and the system, we've been able to develop our trust in a way where we can borrow from ourselves, use all the same systems and standards, aligning them all very neatly, so now we have options.

The First Nations Finance Authority financing provided Nipissing First Nation the opportunity to participate in the Feed-in Tariff program sponsored by the Ontario government Nipissing constructed four solar PV projects situated on four administration buildings here in Nipissing First Nation.

And the high school is one of the buildings.

If your community is ready to learn more about FMS services, please contact our office, and we'll be happy to arrange to meet with Chief and Council and senior staff in your community.