Bring Your FAL to Life

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After the FMB has approved your First Nation’s Financial Administration Law (FAL), it’s time to bring it to life. That means putting the good governance and finance practices described in the FAL to work for your community. This helps you achieve a well-run Nation with a strong financial future.

Why bring your FAL to life?

Bringing your FAL to life will help you strengthen community members’ confidence in their First Nation. They will like that you made the effort to develop good finance practices and will also want to see the results in their community.

The best way to do that is to make it easier for staff to use these practices in their daily work. By working with us to bring your FAL to life, you can:

  • benefit from training and other supports that help your First Nation run smoothly.
  • show through certification that you are living by your FAL.
  • make it easier for your First Nation to access the money needed for important projects.

How the FMB can support you

We can work with your Chief and Council and staff to bring your FAL to life. This includes supporting you to create rules and policies in some key areas, such as making decisions, hiring staff, and managing information.

We provide practical advice, training, and workshops. The main goal for some of our First Nations clients is to govern and manage their finances better. Working with us to bring your FAL to life can also lead to Financial Management System Certification, which helps First Nations show to their members and others that they have brought their FAL to life.

This Quick Reference Guide shows how a Nation can bring its FAL to life.

View steps to bring FAL to life

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