FAQ - FP Certificate

What do we do after receiving a FP Certificate?

A FP Certificate allows you to apply to borrow from the FNFA. Your First Nation must then work through the FNFA borrowing process. If your First Nation chooses to become a FNFA borrowing member and wants to borrow in the future, Financial Management System Certification can help you do that.

Do we need to maintain or renew our FP Certificate?

A FP Certificate allows your First Nation to be eligible to borrow from the FNFA. Your FP certificate is a snapshot of your First Nation’s financial performance at a particular point in time. We encourage each FP Certificate holder to talk to the FNFA about whether or not you need a new certificate in the future.

Does our Certificate expire?

At this time the FP Certificate does not have an expiration date but becomes dated the longer that time has passed since it was issued. Nations can request a new FP Certificate review if they wish to have an updated FP Certificate. The FNFA may also request a Nation for an updated FP Certificate depending on their borrowing needs.