How do we get our FAL approved by the FMB?

We, as a First Nations organization, work with the Nation’s Council to support you with guidance, tools, and training through the process of developing your FAL. We work with your timetable. Developing a FAL takes an average of three months, but could take as little as a few weeks. When your draft FAL is ready for formal review, we will ask you or your lawyer to submit a number of signed documents, including your FAL, to the FMB. The FMB usually meets every three months to formally review FALs and give compliance approvals.

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Do we need to hire a lawyer to get our FAL approved by the FMB?

No, but it is also a good idea to seek legal counsel and inform your auditor at an early stage in the FAL writing process. Having a lawyer and an auditor as part of your team can help make sure everyone is clear about what’s in your FAL.

What happens after our FAL is approved by the FMB?

Developing your FAL is just the start. You then need to bring it to life in your community and start using it to help you achieve your goals.

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