Performance Evaluations and Training Plans

Performance Evaluations

Employee evaluation makes sure that the financial administrative activities of the First Nation are being done by people who are qualified and a good fit for the job.

The FAL requires that the human resources policy includes the steps and standards for employee evaluation.

The evaluation must include:

  • making sure the skills and abilities of an employee match those needed by their job
  • making sure any training needed by an employee has been completed
  • keeping records of expected levels of performance, performance reviews and disciplinary actions

Training Plans

Training supports the Nation's officers and employees to have the skills required to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them. The human resources policy must also include the steps for the creation and upkeep of training plans.

These training plans include determining any training that will be needed in the future to maintain the First Nation’s growth and health as a community. These future needs are considered after allowing for people changing positions or any changes that may happen in the First Nation’s activities.

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