Delegation of Responsibilities

An organization runs more smoothly if it is clear who has the authority to do what and when. To do this, Council must create a policy for the delegation of responsibilities for people involved with the First Nation including an officer , employee, committee , contractor, or agent.

Council is still responsible for the First Nation’s administration even if some responsibilities are delegated to others.

Under the FAL, Council cannot delegate its responsibilities for approving:

  • policies or procedures
  • budgets
  • borrowing money
  • financial reports
  • the selection of the Finance and Audit Committee members, chairperson and vice-chairperson

A First Nation's delegation of responsibilities policy must describe procedures that the First Nation will follow for:

  • any approvals that will be needed for delegating responsibilities
  • keeping records of delegated responsibilities
  • setting the qualifications needed for a person to take on any delegated responsibilities
  • creating standards of work for those completing the delegated responsibilities
  • creating an agreement for the standards of work, to be signed by those completing the delegated responsibilities
  • monitoring the performance of a person who has been delegated to do certain responsibilities
  • the regular review of delegated responsibilities

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