First Nations are responsible for building and keeping up their offices, schools, houses, roads and other capital assets.

Having clear rules and procedures around procurement — that is, the supply of goods or services, makes sure that the services get delivered to meet the First Nation’s quality and cost expectations.

The FAL requires that Council create a policy on the formal offers or requests for proposals for the supply of goods or services. This includes the situations where a process is required for a formal offer or request for proposal.

The policy must include the steps to make sure all supplied goods and services include the need to:

  • make sure all suppliers of goods and services to the First Nation are of a good quality and meet certain standards
  • provide support and make the process smooth for new suppliers to start to supply goods and services to the First Nation
  • make sure supplied goods and services are looked over and reviewed to decide if they follow the standards and are right for contract or buying standards

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